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MATTER makes it easy to recycle your metal, e-waste, and clothes in Denver. Schedule a pickup today.


Reduce Landfills, Reduce Production

Recycling creates a lifecycle for precious materials, saving energy and reducing pollution

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The metal and E-waste we pickup will be broken down and reused to produce something new

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Keep items out of landfills - which can sit for years or even end up polluting local environments

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Mining & Production

By reusing materials you're keeping precious materials in the ground and reducing energy spent on mining & production

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Production of new materials creates a massive amount of pollution. By recycling you help to limit pollution

MATTER makes it easy to recycle your metal, e-waste, and clothes in Denver. Schedule a pickup today

Environmental Recycling in Denver

Although recycling for paper, plastic, glass is widespread, adoption is very low for metal, e-waste, rubber, and textiles.

At modest adoption rates, household recycling could avoid 6.0+ gigatons of carbon over the next 30 years! So where is the environmental benefit coming from?

There are immediate emissions reductions that come from avoiding landfilling and substituting recycled materials in future production. For example, forging recycled aluminum uses 95% less energy than creating from virgin material!

There are also secondary benefits to recycling materials that can be re-forged - avoiding pollution. The production of virgin materials for metal and electronics produces massive amounts of pollution runoff. These runoffs end up in aquifers, farms, cities, and oceans.

On top of that, landfilling E-waste exposes harmful chemicals that need to be properly cared for. For example, E-wastes can contain mercury that with dangerous consequences of exposure from landfilling

At MATTER our mission is to make it easy and painless to properly recycle your waste!

Our Pickup System

We love the fact that picking up items directly from our customers makes it SUPER EASY for anyone to recycle. Unfortunately, picking up items from people can get expensive!

So, to make the process cost effective we group together pickups in the same area! This means our drivers can spend less time driving and more time collecting your items.

Once we have enough pickup orders in an area, we schedule an optimized pickup route for our driver based on your preferences.

When you place a pickup order with MATTER you'll let us know which times work best for you. When we're ready to come pickup your items we'll shoot you a text for you to confirm a pickup time. Then, just leave your items outside a few hours before and VOILA - we'll pick them up!

If you need help lifting your items or can't leave them outside - no problem! Just gather all your items and we'll do the heavy lifting.

Why Pickup Metal, Textiles, and E-waste?

Why we, for now, only pickup Metal, Textiles, and E-waste, and what this includes

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Metals of all types have a very strong global infrastructure for safely and effectively recycling. At the same time, metals can be challenging for households to conventionally recycle - they're usually too big to throw in the bin! Or, the item is made with non-metal parts - making it no longer conventionally recyclable!

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Don't throw out your old or trashed clothing! Similar to donating to Goodwill we put your still wearable in the hands of those in need. In the industry if donated clothes are unwearable they usually get thrown away. MATTER, however, works with advanced sorting technology to recycle clothes into re-usable material!

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E-waste is a huge problem around the world! E-waste is typically incorrectly recycled causing hazardous conditions for anyone exposed to it. For this reason E-waste is hard to conventionally recycle - you usually have to drop it off at a collection facility. We're committed to safely and sustainably recycling your E-waste

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